That typically is not enough, because most homeowners cannot look at their house objectively. You can increase your home sale price from 4-6%, just by having a professional consult, according to RESA (Real Estate Staging Association).

That may not seem like a lot, but on a $400,000 house, wouldn't you like to potentially make up to $24,000 more? Read on for more info about home staging as well as tips and tricks on what you can do to ready your home yourself according to Home Stager & Redesigner, Carmela Abella.

Home Staging works because it increases the value of your home AND it sells quicker. Abella says, "Most sellers are under the impression that if their home is clean, neat, and organized that they don't need a stager. But what they fail to understand is that buying a home is an emotional event, and if the potential buyer does not fall in love with your home, they will not make an offer." 

If you're thinking about potentially going with a Home Stager, the most popular choice that sellers tend to start with is the "Consultation." For $195, Ms. Abella will spend 1.5 hours with you, and you will walk away with a workable plan of what you need to do to get your home ready, a list of tradespeople (if necessary), and solutions. Most of her customers choose to take this to-do list and complete the tasks on their own, which turns out to be quite simple, given Ms. Abella's directives. Her services are wide-ranged, and you may also choose to have Ms. Abella do the shopping for you, or perhaps shop yourself and have her stage your home to perfection. 

Five Easy Steps To Prep Your Home For Resale

Here are Carmela's top five tips for prepping your home for resale:

1. Clean itMake sure your home is clean. Not just the surfaces, but all the hidden places. Buyers do check out all the areas in your home, so don't assume they won't see it.

 2. Deodorize it. Now that your home is clean, does it smell clean? Pets and cooking odors can linger, so make sure it can pass the "sniff test."

3. Fix it. Do you have cracked ceilings? Cracked tiles? Leaking faucets? Make sure you address all issues. If not, buyers will interpret this as a home that's been neglected!! This, in turn, will low-ball their offer!! They may even walk away thinking too much work needs to be done. Don't let this happen to you.

 4. Maximize it. Square footage sells. Is your home too cramped with furniture? A good rule of thumb, eliminate about 50% of non-essentials from your home. Don't forget to check your closets. Buyers will look for storage space.  My rule-of-thumb, nothing on the floor!!

5. Decorate it. Ok now that you've done the first four steps, it's time to decorate it. Buyers fall in love with a home that has a warm and welcoming feel to it. This is not about decorating to your taste!  Remember to keep it simple. Check out magazines and home stores to get inspirations. If you find it difficult, hire a home stager. It's well worth the cost!!


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