While it is common practice for real estate agents to post homes for sale in the hopes of finding a buyer, it is not often that you see a post of buyer needs looking for a home.   We have 2 serious, QUALIFIED, buyers that are looking in this area to no avail.  

Perhaps you, or someone you know, has just what they are looking for in a property. We would be happy to bring them to see your home and help negotiate a fair price and sale.  

Our clients wish lists

Please call us if you believe you may have what they are looking to buy.

Alex and Elizabeth just got married a few months ago and want to move into the Smithtown area. They have a budget of $400,000 to $460,000. They both love ranches and would like a private backyard. Elizabeth wants a fireplace and Alex would love to have a two car garage to park his mustang.   


Tom and Fran want to downsize and move into the Smithtown pines. They will be selling their updated 4 bed 2.5 bath colonial. They would love to have everything on one level including the laundry but also want a finished basement for when the grandchildren come over and visit. Tom still works so being close to the northern state is a must.  

If you think you have a match for either one of our clients please reach out, we'd love to connect with you.