Well, most dads are almost impossible to shop for, they've got almost everything they need and want, has an entire collection of ties to last them a lifetime and all those power tools that you can imagine. Buying him a brand new car is definitely out of the question (but taking him to a car show is always a good alternative!). Looking for the perfect gift can be a nightmare and you might find yourself spending hours at the mall with nothing to buy. So unless you've got it all figured out and you dad specifically requested a gift then you're in luck. But for those who are as clueless as we are in getting our main man, the most awesome Father's Day gift, here are Five of The Coolest Gifts To Get Dad on His Big Day.

Go Fishing

Remember how he used to take you fishing when you were a kid? Bring back great memories by taking him to his favorite fishing hole and spend Father's Day with him catching up on life while enjoying the outdoors. And don't forget to pack a great lunch for both of you and maybe a few bottles of beer or soda.

Play Golf

It doesn't matter if you know how to play golf or if you don't, but if your dad is fond of the game, what better way to spend his special day than spend 18 holes worth of quality time together. Schedule a Tee day with your dad, a great opportunity to hang out together, learn tips from a pro and have fun. Be sure to treat him to lunch or dinner afterward.

Sports Day

Surprise your dad with tickets to his favorite game and if you wanted to splurge a little, get him season tickets. Clear your schedule and take the time off from work and enjoy the day cheering for his favorite team while munching on hotdogs and popcorn.

Take him Camping

For the old-fashioned dad, camping will always be in style. Bring back the camping tradition, go to your favorite camping ground, pitch a tent, roast marshmallows, and share stories. It's the perfect bonding for you and your dad.

Spa Date

Spa dates are not just for moms. It's a good time to pamper your dad and take him for a day at the spa, complete with a luxurious massage, hair cut, and even a pedicure. It's a small payback for all that he has done and a little treat from a long week at work.

Giving your dad a gift may not always mean buying him something expensive, it can be as simple as spending time with him, being with him, talking and having fun and you can be assured that it will definitely mean a lot to your old man. As they say, anyone can be a father but it takes someone very special to be a dad. And on Father's Day, it's the perfect time to let him know how special he is to you.