A retired couple was relocating from Long Island to a new home in Pennsylvania. They had their dream home and new life lined up already but needed to sell their home here in Smithtown. Having lived in their home for fifty years, they had no experience with the current trends in real estate marketing. Eager and excited to embark on this new phase in their lives, they drove around to see who had the most signs out, thinking that this was an indicator of experience and success.  They hired a Realtor who appeared to have the most local listings and got started.  Soon after the results were obvious. Their home sat on the market over the course of their contract and they had to beg for attention, advertising, and exposure.  Their calls and communication started to fall short as their feelings of hopelessness set in. To that Realtor, they were just one of many houses on the market. 

They knew they had to do something, so one night while browsing through Facebook, they saw my Real Estate page and reached out to me. I was so sorry to hear their bad experience and knew I could do better. I made a personal commitment to helping have a successful sale with the least amount of stress. They told me of their frustration in our initial meeting. I spent time getting to know them and what they loved about their home, their neighborhood, and their neighbors. After some brainstorming, I developed a strategic plan to capture their target buyer. I initiated a marketing campaign to showcase their home with a 3D virtual tour and full-color brochures.  Click on the photo below to see the tour

Poor communication is one of my peeves, so I make it a point to keep my clients informed. I kept them up to date with calls and emails as well as showing feedback so they never had to chase me down to find out how things were going. When I felt it was time to make some adjustments to attract more traffic, they were receptive because of the reports they had already received.

I am not the biggest agent, but I do strive to be the best. I never want to be the agent who is over-booked, running late or doesn't return calls. I work just enough listings allowing me to provide focused attention to every seller. That means I sometimes turn away listings, especially if we don't click in our initial meeting. 

I believe my job is not just about a financial transaction. A house is more than an investment, more than a building. It is a Home - the place where people are loved and nurtured. It is the foundation of a lifetime of memories.  My passion is helping each client find and embrace the home of their dreams.

Every day that I come to work, I bring the values that my father taught my brothers and I when we were growing up. My father, A.W. Haydon, was a successful inventor and executive. He was one of many contractors for N.A.S.A., Hughes Aviation, North American Phillips , Hamilton Standard, Texas Instruments and many others. He was heavily involved in the "Space Race" helping develop the Gemini, Mercury, and Apollo Missions, as well as the Space Shuttles currently in use today.  

He made sure we understood and embraced the secrets of his success, which were: creativity, commitment, long hours, hard work and building relationships on trust. He also taught us that there is no success without honesty and integrity - it's important to be genuine and trustworthy in every business interaction.  My dad was wise enough to stick to his passion for engineering and invention. After he had built and run several successful businesses, he realized that he was happier at the drawing board and in the lab, creating new inventions that would benefit the lives of so many people.

Dad, you were right: Following your passion is the only road to success and satisfaction.

He always encouraged me to strive for continuous improvement. Therefore, after every successful sale, I take the time to review, reflect and brainstorm ways to innovate so that I can help my buyers and sellers close faster and with fewer hiccups along the way.

For my buyers, I urge them to get preliminary legal and financial paperwork underway as soon as they start looking. This eliminates stress and helps to ensure a timely closing.

With my sellers, I provide tips on staging and point out where they might want to invest resources and effort to make their property sell faster. During the initial listing period, I make sure we have clarity on the negotiable and non-negotiable aspects of a potential sale. This saves a lot of stressful back and forth later on.

I ask myself how can I serve clients better than high-volume Realtors. That is why I take a concierge approach at every step of the transaction, recommending trusted service providers to help with inspections, financing, repairs and legal issues. My commitment to my clients does not end at the closing. I am not happy until they are in their new home. I always check in a few weeks after closing to make sure there is nothing else I can do to help. 

So, what is my Why? To carry on the values of my father and be a resource for my community. My job as your Realtor allows me to use creativity, the power of trusted relationships, and all my dedication and drive to be part of one of the greatest moments in my clients' lives: moving into the home of their dreams. I would not be happy in any other career and I hope to be helping families in the Smithtown area for many years to come.