You've seen our ads and promos served directly to you from our Facebook Page and you already know that we have the most sophisticated lead capture site available at Well, now we are taking our marketing to a whole new level with virtual reality. 

Today's millennial buyers rely heavily on the internet to zero in on their next dream home. Their time is precious, and they don't want to waste it visiting open houses that only partially fit their needs. Traditional listings with just a few still photos are no longer enough. To most effectively showcase your home for sale, Your Premier Home Team is now incorporating the latest virtual reality experience into all of our homes.

Our professional tour designer Ryan Coyne and his team will create a visually captivating tour with the latest VR technology and 4K video. "Think Back To The Future on Steroids" as Ryan would say. The inside of your home, your property, and the surrounding neighborhood will be like an Imax theater for potential buyers. 

We will transport potential buyers to your property and make them feel like they are already living there. The 3D tour and 4K video provide buyers with so many details that traditional listings just aren't able to capture. Virtual reality has the power to make buyers fall in love with your home before they ever schedule an appointment - and that is exactly what we want, to make buyers fall in love with your home

Most anyone you know received a VR headset for Christmas this year, right? You probably even bought one for your kids. (Ok let's admit it, you got it for yourself, but that's a whole other blog post.) Grab the headset and plug this URL [  ]  into your phone. 

Or you can scan this QR code

 Pretty Cool Right? 

Let's face it, It's not the wave of the future in real estate, it's what buyers are looking for NOW and Your Premier Home Team is bringing that wave to you first. Our virtual reality tours are the only real estate marketing tool that can actually get buyers to Love Your Listing. After prospective buyers see their first virtual reality listing, they lose their enthusiasm for endlessly scrolling through traditional static listings. It's really an incredible way to get more buyers into your home without the hassle of doing showing after showing until the right buyer comes along. 

It's clear that 3D listings are transforming the way homes are sold in today's market but don't just take our word for it. Take a look at some of the top listing agents and teams in the country. They are all using VR Tours. So why not you? 

Imagine how your home will shine in a virtual reality tour. Give us a call at (631) 759-6256 or email us at so that we can begin to create a virtual reality listing that will make your home the #1 must-see location on every buyer's list.